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  • Do you see other influencers and business owners making loads of money on YouTube  and trying to figure out the ‘HOW’ just sails right over your head?

  • Are you a NEWTuber posting consistently on your channel, but you’re not seeing any growth with your income - but the bills still need to be paid?!

  • Do you feel like you need thousands of subscribers before you can make legit money from YouTube?

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Hi I'm Marissa Romero

Business Owner, YouTuber, Monetization Expert 


Marissa Romero is a YouTube Creator, Business Owner, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Growth Expert with over 195,000 subscribers and a multiple 6-figure company that helps go-getters build, grow, and scale their business by leveraging the YouTube platform. She has over 370 public videos on her YouTube channel yielding over 7 million views.  


Marissa and her team have already helped hundreds of students that have collectively gained over 200,000 subscribers, two million views, and produced over one million dollars in revenue from their channels.

I've noticed over the past couple of years that there’s a serious gap in the sea of confusing ‘YouTube education’ online. 


Every YouTube guru wants to teach you how to grow a channel FAST, how to go viral, how to gain more views and subscribers. 


Let me let you in on a secret - growth looks great from the outside, but it’s not the most important factor. If you are not positioned for monetizing and growing an online business then you are literally missing out on hot leads and sales with every view you produce!


Plus, you won't believe this!

(but I can't make this up...)

In March of 2020 not only did the worldwide pandemic start but at the same time my YouTube channel of 91,000 subscribers was hacked and deleted. My views, videos, and revenue completely vanished overnight.  There was a possibility that I’d never get my channel back. 


Not only did this leave me in complete devastation (we're talking crying and hardly eating for a month straight), but I had to learn the HARD WAY that social media is only rented land.  You are not guaranteed to have your views and subscribers forever. 


  • I'm walking you through how to create your very own source of traffic by building a profitable email list that you can sell to at any point in time and that ultimately protects your business no matter what happens!

  • What is YouTube monetization? And also what it IS NOT…

  • We will crush those limiting monetization myths that keep people not earning and stuck for ages.

  • Which metrics are the key to making the most it views, is it subscribers? You might be surprised!

  • Learn about 10+ profitable business models for YouTube that are high impact and high income. After this first video lesson you’ll have some eye-opening clarity and also a copy of our scalability table to test your business idea.

Lesson 2: Building the Foundation of your YouTube Sales Machine

  • Learn how list building could instantly make your channel profitable

  • How emails make more money than Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and Brand Deals!

Lesson 3: High-Converting Lead Magnets

  • Grab 10+ Proven high-converting lead magnet ideas for YouTube

Lesson 4: High-Value and Profit-Driving components

  • Let me take you through a step by step process to build the ONE lead magnet that generated me 35,000+ hot buyer leads from YouTube. This one freebie has been the foundation for my business generating multiple six-figures all with organic YouTube traffic. I give you the plug and play templates to duplicate this same lead magnet for your YouTube channel!

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Do I need to have a YouTube Channel to get started?

Why is it only $47?!  This seems way too good to be true!

How do I know this will work for my YouTube channel?

Why do I need this today, Marissa?

Do you have a money back guarantee?

No, Due to the digital nature of the starter pack, all sales are final.

Before working with Marissa, I was just getting started on my channel. Shortly after signing up for this course, I monetized my channel and signed up several high-ticket clients. She has helped me level up my marketing skills to a point where I now have much more freedom in my life. If you’re contemplating working with her, just do it! She is walking proof of what you can accomplish while staying true to her values and integrity.

Logan Trudell

Business Owner and Full-Time YouTuber

After taking Marissa's course not only did my views and subscribers increase, I found myself able to take my online business to the next level and scale leveraging the small but mighty audience I had created on my YouTube really don't need a big channel to have success with your online business (my channel is proof!!) Thanks so much Marissa”

Jen Morilla

6-figure CEO, YouTuber

  • This is for all NewTubers who are scratching their heads, wondering what is the next strategy after their first video goes public. If you’ve been looking for the right way to monetize your audience and eventually start a business - this is for you!


  • This is not for you if you’re looking to get rich EASY. This does not exist and anyone planning to create revenue and wealth will need to be persistent and ready to put in the work!



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  • You’ll be able to consume this entire workshop in less than one hour.  After that, our workbook and high-converting lead magnet templates make it so easy for you to map out your monetization plan and have the foundation for your sales machine set up within the same day! You’ll be pumped and ready to rock and roll when you create your next YouTube video.



Total One Time Payment

 NO REFUNDS w/ this offer